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As a metalsmith and jewelry artist, I am proud to offer you unique handcrafted jewelry designed and hand made solely by me.

My background includes receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing, working as a bench jeweler for five years, and teaching a university level jewelry fabrication course.

All metals in my work are always a pure metal (not plated) and of the best quality. I most often use solid sterling silver and solid fine silver. I use recycled metals whenever possible. I strive to make every part of my jewelry by hand in my studio with only a few exceptions, (ex: I may use a high quality machined chain or cable for interior strength in heavier pieces.) If a machined component has been used, I will always inform you in my description. Because I design and make everything by hand, each piece is unique. Even when there are multiple copies, as in a "Series" piece or a "Designer Line" piece, no two pieces will be exactly the same. I also create many one-of-a-kind pieces where only one is made, never to be duplicated.

I am an artist, therefore I constantly observe the world around me. My observations serve as inspiration when I create. I am looking, probing, and studying everything in my environment. Within all that inspires me, I find my primary muse to be nature. Since I was a child, I have had a profound love and reverence for the natural world. I find its beauty at times intoxicating. The natural world's shapes, patterns, and textures are most often the inspiration for my designs. I work with metal primarily because it is both hard and durable, yet forgiving and impressionable- a wonderful canvas for texture. Currently, the metals that I most often use are fine and sterling silver. When moved, I may also incorporate other materials into my work such as precious and semi-precious stones, gems, glass, glass beads, bone, wood, enamels and other metals and alloys. In regards to how I finish my work, many pieces have a clean, satin, metal brush finish. On other pieces, I use patination to color the surface of the metal for contrast or to denote mood or time. It is essential for my work to be wearable and well constructed. To me, the craft is tantamount to the concept and design. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create my work. My most enjoyable moment, during the creative process, is when the separate parts of a piece come together as a whole. The entire journey from conception to completion is a Zen-like experience. I am one with each step of the process; I have no sense of time or self.


There are three words that I keep in mind when creating my work and running my business. I concentrate on these words because I want them to guide me when creating. These words are also how I want my customers to feel when wearing my jewelry:

Connection Evocative Distinctive

For me, Connection is a main ingredient of life. A spiritual belief that all life is connected is one that I see and feel on a daily basis. I feel very much connected to our natural world which is one of my main inspirations for my work. Most of what I do in the fabrication of my work is connecting bits and pieces of metal and other materials together. I want others to feel a connection to me when buying my work. When someone purchases a piece of my jewelry, we indeed become connected. I love connecting with people in general too, albeit, it has taken me many years. From a very young age through my twenties I was painfully shy. My father constantly tried to break me out of my shyness. He used to say to me more times than I cared to hear, "Talk to people! You can learn so much just from talking to others." It has taken me a lot of years to break my shyness and to understand what he was trying to make me see. It has happened naturally. I don't have to force it like I did many years back. I now love talking and connecting with others. I not only learn so much from doing so, but it has enabled me see and feel just how connected we all truly are...thanks Dad.

I want my work to be Evocative. I want my work to evoke emotions or feelings from my customers. When a woman has a piece of my jewelry on, I want her to feel good about herself. I want her to feel special, beautiful, and empowered.

I work hard at the design process. I am meticulous when designing, so that I make each piece distinctive. I feel distinctive as an individual and artist and I want my customers to see and feel that in my work. In turn, hopefully they too will feel distinctive when wearing it. I hope that my work will make my customers feel unique, special, confident, and distinguish them as an individual.


I consider myself a late bloomer. I was born an artist, but lived through many years of misdirection. Then I discovered something that I felt so passionate about that I wanted to take the next scary, yet obvious, step. With great trepidation and with much encouragement from two special people in my life, I made the decision to attend college at 36. I graduated with honors at 40. As difficult as those four years were for me, I have no regrets. It was one of the best things that I ever did for myself.

I am a lover of life in general, but to be a little more specific, I am a positive individual and enjoy the company of other positive people. I love nature and animals...especially cats. I love cooking and baking which is a good thing because I love food and consider myself a "foodie". I love eating all natural, whole, preferably organic foods. I love the company of very close friends and the joy that they bring to my life. I love good conversation, not only with friends but with anyone. I love music and how different types make me feel, how it can change my mood in an instant. I love a good glass of wine or cocktail at the end of the day. I love mornings and waking up knowing that I have another chance to do it all over again. I love being creative...I just wouldn't want it any other way. I love the sun streaming through the window right now. I love to garden, flowers as well as vegetables. Nothing like going out to the garden and picking a fresh homegrown tomato, eggplant, or cucumber. I love curling up with a good book on a cold winter day as the silence from the snow relaxes and comforts me. I love living geographically where I experience all four seasons...how lucky can you be to feel and experience all four!

I hope this helps you to understand a little about who I am and what I and my work stand for. As I've stated above, I love connecting with others so please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or a great recipe!

Thanks for stopping by!

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